Cardiology Masterclass

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Cardiology Masterclass

Cardiology Masterclass is a specialized educational program to provide new and practical knowledge in the field of cardiology. This online course offers comprehensive and practical learning experiences that help you instill confidence and improve diagnostic accuracy. It comprises of clinical grand rounds, special sessions and quiz sessions that are designed to enable prospective cardiologists to enhance presentation skills and acquire strong foundations in all aspects of cardiology.

Cardiology Masterclass
Short Course on ECG

The Cardiology Masterclass Short Courses on selected topics related to cardiovascular disease management and prevention have been designed by the leading cardiologists across the country. These courses are specifically aimed at building the capacity of physicians and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge in this field.

Course Highlights

3 Modular Course

Hybrid Learning Model

Interactive Course Content

Assessments & Feedback

Learn from Leading Cardiologists

Certificate of Participation

Learn From the Masters

Why Join Us?

The Cardiology Masterclass Short Course on ECG is a comprehensive program consisting of three modules covering the important aspects of ECG reading and interpretation. Spanning over a duration of four months, the course offers a dynamic learning experience. The program includes two live lectures held in eight cities across the country, a live webinar, and several interactive theoretical components. To supplement their learning, participants will have access to offline reading material and pre-recorded sessions to further enhance their understanding of the subject matter.


  To refine your clinical skills 

√  To improve your diagnostic accuracy 

√  To learn to interpret ECG and apply in day to-day clinical practice

√  Learn from eminent cardiologists